Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blood donation

                                          Blood donation
 Blood donation is an act donation blood for the supply of blood to the patients who many die for shortage of blood. There is no other alternative blood, he can not survive he must die. By donation blood, we may save the saves the lives of many injured people. Some students of medical colleges have initiated collecting blood from relatives of the patients
  Other people through their organization ‘shandhani’ some voluntary organizations are also making efforts to inspire people to voluntarily donate blood. Blood donation is a noble deed. Blood cells of a man are automatically destroyed after every three months. If a sound of healthy man donates blood, no harm is caused to him because new blood cells will be regenerate in his body. So blood donation does not cause any harm. So, blood banks in the hospitals collect and preserve the blood from the donors. There are some voluntary donors and some professional donors. Something the near and dear ones of the patients donates blood. The professional donors many suffer from jaundice Aids and other fatal diseases. Everybody should avoid their blood. Blood donation should be encouraged very extensively. Specially our young generation should be motivated to donate blood for the greater welfare of our suffering humanity.      

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